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Ceramic Sculptures by Haejin Lee

Ceramicist Haejin Lee designs sculptures that seem to unwind before your eyes, ceramic structures that free and splay outwards to make faces far more impressive. Using minimal color Lee instead concentrates on her shapeshifting sculptures, often including human elements like eyes and mouths that grow from the chaos. (more…)

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Sculptures by Zachary Abel

When it comes to conspicuous consumption, I’ve met the enemy and it is me. In the rare instance that I clean out my desk, I perform one big lazy swoop towards the Hefty bag and never look back. No telling how many perfectly good clamps, rubber bands, and binders have been discarded. (more…)

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Sculptures made from books to bring kids back into the libraries

We carry our childhood books with us to adulthood: the morals, the lessons, the values. In fact, “books shape who we are” has become a commonplace saying. Such so that a new campaign in Japan to bring librarians back in to libraries interprets the saying literally. (more…)

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Paintings by Andrew Schoultz 1

Andrew Schoultz combines meticulous rendering with imagery both familiar and fantastical. Themes of chaos and destruction forewarn current political and environmental climate, taking form in large-scale installations, murals, paintings, sculptures and work on paper. (more…)

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