Asian Dub Foundation – A History Of Now (2011)

Asian Dub Foundation – A History Of Now (2011) Social Buttons by Linksku

Asian Dub Foundation – A History Of Now (2011) I knew this will be one of my favorite albums of 2011 even before I’ve been listening into it. I saw them live back in 1999 and since I’m a follower. Playing an explosive mixture of rapcore, dub, dancehall and raggae, using rock instruments and including punk and hardcore influences, ADF are one of the killer acts of Great Britain beside The Prodigy and much recently Subsource. Intense and speeding serious social and political messages, live they will smash off any scene and move the audience, their studio albums maybe do not capture all that energy and explosion, but still they are much heavier than most of the other bands and even heavier than some of the so-called “modern”, alternative or post-metal bands. They unique style of blending hardcore energy, punk rawness, electronics and dub inspired many other artists, but not so many managed to get even closer, not to mention the issue of credibility. Read more Asian Dub Foundation – A History Of Now (2011)

Hollywood Undead – American Tragedy (2011)

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If you know them, you wait for their second album for quit a long time, if you never heard of Hollywood Undead, you probably were out on some other planet when they smash off MySpace with their song called „The Kids” in 2005 wich reach over 8 million hits till the end of 2006 and made them the most wanted unsigned band of the moment. They finally singed for MySpace Records, but they left the label after the label tried to censor their first album. They moved to A&M/Octone Records and “Swan Songs” was released on September 2, 2008 and reached #22 on the Billboard 200 in its first week of release, selling 21,000 copies.
All of the band members use pseudonyms and wear their own unique mask, most of which are based on the common hockey goaltender design. Do you remember Raven? – the English heavy metal band – or you may though about Slipknot as well.  The band members currently consist of Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Danny, Funny Man, J-Dog, and Johnny 3 Tears after in early 2010, the band’s singer, Deuce, was voted out of the group and was replaced by touring member and long-time friend Daniel Murillo (Danny), who was an American Idol contestant in its ninth season and was the lead singer for the band called Lorene Drive. Read more Hollywood Undead – American Tragedy (2011)