PNL – Pegazusok Nem Léteznek

PNL - Pegazusok Nem Léteznek

PNL - Pegazusok Nem Léteznek Music it’s dead. Too many times too many people stated this to matter anymore. I gave up on music lately because everything sound like something I already heard and I’m pretty bored. And tired.
Pegazusok Nem Léteznek it’s a relatively new Hungarian band and reminds me of Nine Inch Nails, respectively How to Destroy Angels. Pop music. Modern, consistent pop music, not that fancy lemonade!
It’s a little bit gloomy, a little bit indie, electronic and sometimes shoe gazing – or meditative if you prefer, minimalist, but catchy. It’s a strange dream, but you don’t wanna wake up from it.
Eszter Ács – vocals and keyboards, Domokos Lázár – guitar and vocals, Lázár Ágoston – drums and Róbert Németh – bass guitar find something beautiful, something of their own.
I stumbled into them accidentally while I was digging up news about one of my old favorites: Európa kiadó. Read more PNL – Pegazusok Nem Léteznek