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Junk shoe sculptures  by Gabriel Dishaw

Sculptural assemblage constructed from discarded materials, as glass, scrap metal, plastic, and wood. Gabriel specializes in high end junk sculptures ranging from as small as a figurine to larger than six feet tall. With experience as early as mid 1990’s, Gabriel has designed and created many Junk Sculptures. (more…)

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Office built out of thousands of bottles

Hoping to showcase his skills in order to start his own business, Chinese architecture graduate Li Rongjun, built an incredible office using thousands of discarded beer bottles. Along with help from his father, Li spent four months building the 18-feet high two-storey structure, which consists of a top level made of 8,500 beer bottles in 40 layers and a bottom floor built with mud and brick. “I want to build an office which combines artistic beauty with pragmatism.” Li Rongjun explains, “This building is my calling card for my future business plans. It will allow investors to see my products in real life and see my talent.” (more…)

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Category: Art

World Map Made from Recycled Computers

UK-based artist Susan Stockwell recently completed this gigantic world map made from recycled computer components for the University of Bedfordshire. (more…)

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Think about all the uses you have for duct tape, masking tape, electrical tape, and packing tape, but we are confident you never thought of the use that Mark Khaisman did. Mark creates remarkable portraits out of packing tape. Mark weaves together layers of packing tape, using depth and direction of the layers to produce coloration and depth in the images. The results are stunning. The portraits have a colorful appearance similar to old tintype photographs, but with a patchwork feel to them, also. Mark does not stop with portraits. He creates wall sculptures featuring chairs, armor, and many other objects all created with packing tape.
You might believe anything can be fixed with a roll of duct tape and baling wire, but Mark Khaisman knows he can create almost any scene with just a simple roll of packing tape.

Mark Khaisman's art with packing tape (more…)

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