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Graffiti and paintings from Przemek Blejzyk

Polish artist Przemek Blejzyk combines his realistic portrait style with an ironic twist that results in elongated paintings with an irreverent attitude. He often partners with Bezt and the CITY2CITY crew on large-scale graffiti murals around Poland. (more…)

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Iconic Banksy Art Gets Parodied with Famous Cartoon Characters

Banksy may have made a name for himself with his iconic street art, but Brazilian artist Butcher Billy is giving us a new take on the graffitist’s work with some equally iconic characters. Using a cast of well-known cartoon characters as his subjects—including Bugs Bunny, Rosie the Robot, Tweety Bird, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble—Butcher Billy playfully recreates Banksy’s politically-driven street art as whimsical renderings with a heavy dose of nostalgia. (more…)

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