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Foxe Basin Get It Together Foxe Basin is a shallow oceanic basin north of Hudson Bay, in Nunavut, Canada, located between Baffin Island and the Melville Peninsula. For most of the year, it is blocked by ice floes.
The nutrient-rich cold waters found in the basin are known to be especially favorable to phytoplankton and the numerous islands within it are important bird habitats, including Sabine’s Gulls and many types of shorebirds. Bowhead whales migrate to the northern part of the basin each summer.
The basin takes its name from the English explorer Luke Foxe who entered the lower part in 1631. Born in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, Luke Foxe searched for the Northwest Passage across North America. In 1631, he sailed much of the western Hudson Bay before concluding no such passage was possible. Foxe Basin, Foxe Channel and Foxe Peninsula were named after him.
I’ve got not the slightest clue if Miss Foxe Basin is anyway relative to the late Luke Foxe or Read more Foxe Basin’s Get It Together [Neon Disco RMX]