Fleeting Circus – Dream World Of Magic, EP (2012)

Imagine a frontal collision between Foo Fighters and Led Zeppelin and the result will sounds pretty much as Fleeting Circus, the new Alternative Rock star rising from Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia. Their dark and groovy sound also incorporate reminiscences of acts such as Muse, Chore, Deftones, Kings Of Leon, Jeff Buckley and Sunny Day Real Estate, while “The Dream World Of Magic” EP has two songs that made history in the first edition of the Yamaha Brazilian Beat festival, “Fake Station” and “Underground”. “Underground” is 101% Rock radio anthem, have some smooth and gentle Kings of Leon taste and that magic touch witch make a great song unforgettable. On the other hand, songs like “Come On” represents the darker and heavier side of the band where the flesh cutting riffs and pounding drums are served with dissonances and screaming vocals. Fleeting Circus find a refreshing balance between classic heaviness and modern noisiness and merged the past into the future delivering a six station trip in their own magical-musical universe. And in top of all this, you can download even for free (name your price) the EP from their Bandcamp page or buy the hard copy for only $9.99 USD. Read more Fleeting Circus – Dream World Of Magic, EP (2012)