c.db.sn – …At The End Of It All Remixed (2012)

c.db.sn At The End Of It All Remixed 2012 “Emotion driven electronic music” – this is the essence of what Chase Dobson (aka c.dobson or c.db.sn) delivers and this brand new collection of twisted in and out remixes delivered by Tineidae, Architect, Larvae, Sean Byrd, Worms Of The Earth, Displacer, Access To Arasaka, Consolectrl, Anklebiter, and Erode it’s an extraordinary opportunity do dive into this mysteries flavored spaces filled with subtle grooves and smartly arranged layers of sounds and noises.
And what you people like even more then anything else, it’s a (half-way-through) free stuff, “name your price” means you can give even zero and grab it, but you should consider that artists need and deserve all of our support and music it’s not a free background noise or residue for our iPods and mp3 players. Read more c.db.sn – …At The End Of It All Remixed (2012)