dNeau & mSelv – Junior Spirit (2014)

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dNeau & mSelc - Junior Spirit (2014) A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Music with roots back to the 70’s and 80’s, a wide and vivid space where disco meet psychedelic flavours and funk collide violently into acid pop. Grooves and feelings are drifting into the unknown in a quite disturbing after-hour trip. You take off on the wings of the sound, but you don’t know where you will landing. If you close your eyes and turn up the volume, you can fly. Or just simply you will falling up.
My personal favorites are the Bowie-feels-like “Chinoise” and the hypnotic title track, but there is a piece of cake for everybody who’s willing to listen!
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Snog – Babes In Consumerland (2013)

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Snog Babes In Consumerland 2013 After having Iggy ready to detonate himself with a dynamite-belt, now we’ve got a babe in the same pose and situation. It’s something really sick going on, or this is just another usual Monday morning?
Although “Babes in Consumerland” coming 21 years after their debut left-field dancefloor hit “Corporate Slave”, it was my first direct collision with Snog and I’m sold. The 10 tracks of “Babes in Consumerland” are a gloomy mixture of 80’s flavored electronics and beats, subversive pop hooks, post-industrial resonances with humor to keep us sane and contains acid criticism of our regression and comfortable consumerism. Great lyrics, simple, but very effective music and arrangements, a little bit of sex, a little bit of politics, perfect mixture and outcome.
The album have several key-tracks. My favorites are “The New Cocksucker Blues” (“Have you sucked some cock today?” respectively “I piss on you when you’re on fire”) which is a kinky reference to the music industry, but might be also related to The Rolling Stone’s 1970’s “Cocksucker Blues”, the last single The Stones had to produce for Decca Records which obviously the has been never released; “Everything Is Under Control” – which is a strong parody of pop music and culture and proves only that actually nothing is under control; “21st Century Lullaby” with a charming Pink Floyd versus David Bowie taste or the industrial fueled “The Corporate Homoerotic Cyclists”. Read more Snog – Babes In Consumerland (2013)

Sneaker Pimps – Becoming X (1996)

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23 consecutive weeks on the US Billboard 200, “Becoming X”, the debut effort by the project Sneaker Pimps released on August 19, 1996, still, after 15 years, sounds fresh and percussive. Hits like “6 Underground”, “Spin Spin Sugar” or “Tesko Suicide” have some particular charm, their vibe still breathing. Chris Corner and Liam Howe find a particular blending of Downtempo and Dub, Trip-Hop and Electronica, mysterious textures and bursting Rock explosions, combined hard beats and glitching samples with cutting Rock guitars, smooth Jazz pianos and floating girl vocals. Sometimes Gothic, other times gloomy, slow, but alive and dynamic, quite hypnotic, but striking, Sneaker Pimps and their debut album is another mandatory piece to collect. This is a trip, take care who you’ll become. Read more Sneaker Pimps – Becoming X (1996)

The Prodigy – World’s On Fire – Live (2011)

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“Breathe the pressure Come play my game Ill test ya Psychosomatic addict insane Breathe the pressure Come play my game Ill test ya Psycho-somatic addict insane…” If The Prodigy can’t kick you out of your couch and make you do crazy things, I really don’t know what else could. “World’s On Fire” is the first ever live album and film by The Prodigy and is out now (May 23, 2011) on CD/DVD and CD/BLU-RAY. We’ve got 17 killer-tracks, The Prodigy always have crushing grooves and explosive sound, but not at least killer songs. This is kind of “Best Of” live and I believe everybody will got his favorite one on it since we’ve got from “Out of Space” to “Omen” and from “Firestarter” to “Take Me to the Hospital” including “Smack My Bitch Up” or “Invaders Must Die”. Read more The Prodigy – World’s On Fire – Live (2011)