DJ 2rip – Annihilating Rhythm 4, free download (2012)

DJ 2rip Annihilating Rhythm 4 free download 2012 Make the last preparation for the New Year’s Eve Party? Get blasted with the long-awaited Annihilating Rhythm 4 mix by DJ 2rip! The mix featured an onslaught of bass with influence from hard & nasty drumstep and electro provided by artists like Figure, Calvertron, Will Bailey, Receptor, Skream, Lazy Rich, and Bloody Beetroots.
DJ 2rip say: “My last mix in this series came out in January of 2011 so this is a very big day to finally be releasing the new Annihilating Rhythm. It didn’t come so late because I was lazy… I had actually made about 9 versions of the mix but ultimately didn’t feel satisfied or complete. Each Annihilating Rhythm tells several stories and are glimpses into not only my feelings at the time, but also what is going on in the greater dance music & DJ culture.
I also pay attention to a lot of elements when it comes to this series. I like to incorporate new material that intrigues people and expands their listening horizons while telling a story. Sometimes new materials that fit the storyline are not readily available so I might throw in some older tracks to both meet that story as well as diversify the mix.” Pump up the volume and bang on this, got yourself one incendiary hour!! Read more DJ 2rip – Annihilating Rhythm 4, free download (2012)