Dementio13 – El Lissitzky (2012)

“Sick”, “dope” and FREE (name your price) !! Exactly as the people expect to be nowadays. Still, as I often said, art and artists need to be supported, otherwise it will fade out and we will only have the mainstream plastic BS, perfectly packed, consumer-friendly, but meaningless and tasteless. I’m kind of dependent of independent music, too old to expect or believe in “revolutions”, but still willing to take the hard way and prefer to explore the unknown and unexpected, then accept the comfortable. And Dementio13 it’s definitively genderless, experimental, boundaries breaker music ready for open minds and ears.
So, if you’re not afraid to take a trip into the wide open unknown without having a clue where it’s gonna take you, “El Lissitzky” is your ticket to ride – and get free. Read more Dementio13 – El Lissitzky (2012)