Devilish Presley – The Dark Triad (2011)

Hailing from the dark streets of East London, Devilish Presley finished their 5th album and make no mistake, they gonna rip your heart out. Jacqui Vixen reminds me of the raging Nina Hagen, and Devilish Presley crossing over between genres, blending explosively death, goth and punk rock into their own boiling and furious music. While we’ve got an “Evil Elvis” (aka. Glenn Danzig), a Devilish Presley comes quite as a necessity. 😀 Merging the dark side of the goth and horror rock with the energy and wildness of punk rock, Devilish Presley created an unique and extremely exciting “something” and beneath all, they write some quite catchy songs. “Cocaine Joe” or “Kiss Kiss Apocalypse” have anthematic charm, strikes instantly and “The Dark Triad” is full of good riffs, catchy vocals and singable choruses, pumping drums delivering perfect tempos for the craziest pogo. Read more Devilish Presley – The Dark Triad (2011)

Ankst – Dystopia (2011)

In the footsteps of Fields of the Nephilim and The Sisters Of Mercy, Ankst, a band formed in 2006, in Durban, South Africa, delivered a quality goth/deathrock album. You can grab the 10 song for free directly from the band’s official web site.
The original line-up consist of Raymond Ross (Vocals), Aiden Botha (Guitar) and Dylan Van Collar (Keyboard) and later joined by Noel Hall (Bass). “We Become Gods”, the debut EP was released in 2007 followed by touring South Africa extensively and the band gained popularity. Their song “Better Than Me”, was included on the German Gothic compilation “Smoke and Spotlight Vol.2” and the band shared the scene with bands such as Battery9, Wintersoul and the German synthpop outfit Psyche. Read more Ankst – Dystopia (2011)