My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Spooky Tricks (2014)

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Spooky Tricks (2014)

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Spooky Tricks (2014) My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult rose to fame at the end of the 80’s by their hard beats, distorted vocals, dense and contorted instruments and bizarre film samples. It was something burlesque and something wicked about their music, something genuine. It was the troubled age of post-new wave and the dawn of the hard-industrial revolution and Franke Nardiello (aka Groovie Mann) with Marston Daley (aka Buzz McCoy) managed to merge efficiently the disco bass with the rocking wah-wah guitars and dabbling in some big bad burlesque brass. Some say that they are met over a few drinks in a bar in Chicago and soon find themselves touring with the band Ministry.
They crafted a shocking and lurid film concept, “My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult”. Inspired by a shared love of tabloid tales of sex and Satan, kitschy horror and exploitation films in the style of Russ Myers, the concept came naturally. The name was ripped straight from a British headline Nardiello had noted while living in London. With limited experience and resources the film was scrapped, but work on its accompanying soundtrack continued. Legendary Chicago record label Wax Trax! Records was impressed by their sound and signed them without hesitation. They released a three song EP in 1988 and the full–length album entitled “I See Good Spirits and I See Bad Spirits”, followed quickly in the same year. Read more My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult – Spooky Tricks (2014)

Foxe Basin’s Get It Together [Neon Disco RMX]

Foxe Basin Get It Together

Foxe Basin Get It Together Foxe Basin is a shallow oceanic basin north of Hudson Bay, in Nunavut, Canada, located between Baffin Island and the Melville Peninsula. For most of the year, it is blocked by ice floes.
The nutrient-rich cold waters found in the basin are known to be especially favorable to phytoplankton and the numerous islands within it are important bird habitats, including Sabine’s Gulls and many types of shorebirds. Bowhead whales migrate to the northern part of the basin each summer.
The basin takes its name from the English explorer Luke Foxe who entered the lower part in 1631. Born in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, Luke Foxe searched for the Northwest Passage across North America. In 1631, he sailed much of the western Hudson Bay before concluding no such passage was possible. Foxe Basin, Foxe Channel and Foxe Peninsula were named after him.
I’ve got not the slightest clue if Miss Foxe Basin is anyway relative to the late Luke Foxe or Read more Foxe Basin’s Get It Together [Neon Disco RMX]

Cyberpunkers – Whatta Mask, EP (2013)

Cyberpunkers Whatta Mask EP Merging power-pop and indie disco, techno-trance and chillstep, dance and rock grooves with high energy beats, banging electronics and contorted layers of noise and wobbling basses, the Milan, Italy based project, Cyberpunkers are back with three, hot, dance floor busting tracks: “Whatta Mask”, “Mad Armada” and “Ogre´s Ballad”. We’ve got 15 minutes of extreme dance session and you will loose some weight or you will sweat and bleed to death!
Who said that the dancing days are over?
The “Cyberpunkers” project is the child, born in 2006, of the passion for Cyberpunk culture of two young Italian DJ’s. The format aims at giving a fresh start to this style. In a nutshell, a transposition of the Cyberpunk world in modern clubbing Through several performances at famous clubs, “Cyberpunkers” drew lots of interest and ended up being much taked about for both their original look, Read more Cyberpunkers – Whatta Mask, EP (2013)

Kids At The Bar Remix of Easy – free download

Kids At The Bar Remix of Easy Kids At The Bar have taken the progressive track “Easy” from Mat Zo & Porter Robinson and turned it into a Big Room Banger ready for the festivals. It’s available today for FREE DOWNLOAD on their Soundcloud. Also later this month the release of Kids At The Bar’s much anticipated Prog-House Monster “Awake” feat. Lucy Taylor will be available via Black Hole Recordings. Kids At The Bar will be making appearances at this years SXSW & WMC.
We’ve got a warm and groovy, modern sounding, heavy dance track, just perfect for a party starter! Read more Kids At The Bar Remix of Easy – free download

DJ 2rip – Annihilating Rhythm 4, free download (2012)

DJ 2rip Annihilating Rhythm 4 free download 2012 Make the last preparation for the New Year’s Eve Party? Get blasted with the long-awaited Annihilating Rhythm 4 mix by DJ 2rip! The mix featured an onslaught of bass with influence from hard & nasty drumstep and electro provided by artists like Figure, Calvertron, Will Bailey, Receptor, Skream, Lazy Rich, and Bloody Beetroots.
DJ 2rip say: “My last mix in this series came out in January of 2011 so this is a very big day to finally be releasing the new Annihilating Rhythm. It didn’t come so late because I was lazy… I had actually made about 9 versions of the mix but ultimately didn’t feel satisfied or complete. Each Annihilating Rhythm tells several stories and are glimpses into not only my feelings at the time, but also what is going on in the greater dance music & DJ culture.
I also pay attention to a lot of elements when it comes to this series. I like to incorporate new material that intrigues people and expands their listening horizons while telling a story. Sometimes new materials that fit the storyline are not readily available so I might throw in some older tracks to both meet that story as well as diversify the mix.” Pump up the volume and bang on this, got yourself one incendiary hour!! Read more DJ 2rip – Annihilating Rhythm 4, free download (2012)

Alex Manfuso – Days, new single

Summer time needs summer hits!
Alex Manfuso is one of Italy’s most sought-after young DJs and after his last single “Glad I’m Free” hammered the download charts in early 2012, expectations are huge. With shows for 10k+ people coming up this summer, he is now dropping his sickest single yet: ‘Days’, in time for the summer parties.
This is a pumping, uplifting, catch and groovy track which gonna bring everybody to the dance floor! Read more Alex Manfuso – Days, new single

Archnemesis – Peoples Radio (2011)

Their debut full length album “Peoples Radio” is available now for free download at their official website, just like their debut EP, “Diamonds And Glass”. Cookies for Christmas! Anyway, this is a quite fan (and user) friendly approach.
Formed by Justin Aubuchon and Curt Heiny, Archnemesis prefers to defined themselves by the self-coined term “Intelligent Electro-Crunk”. Merging funky licks with acid layers, digging back to the earliest jazz and blues samples and mash them up with modern hip hop and soul samples, contorted dubsteb wobbles and to all this boiling cocktail adding their own sound and creating something brand new and fresh, Archnemesis definitively know to set a club on fire with their glowing grooves. Dancing becomes a nasty business, isn’t it? So, let’s get dirty! 🙂 Read more Archnemesis – Peoples Radio (2011)

Inna – I Am The Club Rocker (2011)

On November 12, 2008, Inna released her debut single “Hot”, which was produced by Play & Win, a Romanian dance music trio and one of the leading music producers in Romania. The single performed strongly on the Romanian Top 100, peaking at number five in December 2008. It also became an airplay success in the Balkan countries, before reaching success across Europe and the Middle East. In early 2009, the single “Hot” entered the Spanish Singles Chart and the Hungarian Dance Chart. In both countries, the song managed to climb toward the top spot. Furthermore, it garnered huge airplay success in countries such as Poland, Ukraine and Turkey. Meanwhile, the promo songs “Fever” and “On and On” officially premiered on Inna’s website, being free for download for a limited period of two weeks. “Hot” was released and charted within the top ten in Belgium and the Netherlands.
In April 2009, Inna signed a contract with the American record label, Ultra Records. Read more Inna – I Am The Club Rocker (2011)

David Guetta – Nothing but the Beat (2011)

On the fifth album by French DJ and record producer David Guetta he applied the same formula: combined all the ideas and trendy sounds and stylistic approaches from both, European and American dance scene and pop music, Guetta delivered the best mixture of dance music. This is absolutely classy, clean cut and 100% cash-in formula. Still, we have to admit, Guetta knows to make his products to sound awesome, he construct excellent grooves, simple, but percussive sounds and powerful beats. For the first time, Guetta gave-up on the services of his long-time collaborator Chris Willis on vocals and features collaborations with artists from the R&B, hip hop and pop world such as Lil Wayne, Usher,, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Jennifer Hudson, Timbaland, Afrojack, Jessie J and Sia Furler. An all-star line-up which definitively will help to break down the charts and sell more singles. Well, many people try this and that – as any good ideas, by the way -, but not everybody managed to be successful as Guetta. Read more David Guetta – Nothing but the Beat (2011)

Let’s Get It – Masters Of The Universe (2011)

Joe, Tyler, Taylor and Chris from Dayton, Ohio delivering their debut album called “Masters Of The Universe”. This is a blending of pop, rock, club and dance punk schemes witch may remind us eventually of The Black Eyed Peas, Datarock, La Roux, The Veronicas and a few other artists from a wide range of genres, you just can name them. As an exercise, imagine New Kids On the Block playing Linkin Park songs… It’s not only hard, but maybe quite unnatural. Anyway, something like this came out from this four guys and I’m actually pretty curious if this will be the next success story. It depends exclusively on the support of the media. “Keep It Up” may be anytime a mainstream hit. Read more Let’s Get It – Masters Of The Universe (2011)