Semargl – Satanic Pop Metal (2012)

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Rammstein fans will be definitively delighted, although the story is quite different, this band from Kiev, Ukraine, formed in 1997, grew up from black and death metal roots.
“Satanic Pop Metal” it’s a merging of genres, black’n’roll, death and industrial metal are melted into one and bring back to life, reminds me also of Debauchery’s last album “Germany’s Next Death Metal“, only that Semargl use more intensely, Rammstein likely the synthesizers. Pumping and pounding, heavy, but melodious and catchy, still cutting and intense, Semargl delivered a bloody brutal and modern metal album. Can downlload some of their track for free – including “Tak, Kurwa (Yes Bitch)” – from their MySpaceFacebook and their official web page. Read more Semargl – Satanic Pop Metal (2012)