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Triptych 3 Melbourne based bands splid promo cd 20133 Melbourne based bands, Asperity Within, Belle Haven and Glorified! released this free promo album, each band featuring with two original tracks. Not at least, can grab the 6 tracks for free (“name your price”) from each band’s Bandcamp page. Cool and a smart, efficient, joint way to promote their bands.
The sonic slaughter starts with Asperity Within, “Mutatio” begin smooth and quietly, but shifting into a contorted, technical and gloomy, death metal fueled butchery build upon solid riffs, schizophrenic harmonies and blood vomiting vocals. “Atrophy” starts pretty the same, gentle and misleading, but with the menacing riffs turn into another depressive and maniac metalcore massacre. The breakdown it’s very tasty, the swinging between the spacier and smoother passages and the total grinder moments it’s very efficient. The solos are also adding a nice colour to the tracks. Promising start!
“Spite Conception”, the first track by Belle Haven (more…)

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