Father’s Day

It’s been a while since I managed to wrote something for this album. While I successfully managed to smash my photo camera, I returned to some old habits: my colors and brushes. And well, keeping this site running, eat up quite much of my time as well. On the other hand, actually I wrote a few themes and songs lately but none of them did fit right in the “concept” of this album – among others obviously – I’m working on. Well, I’m kind of busy guy, carefully I always keep my own agenda full. Being my own boss enforced full and merciless tyranny over myself. Still, no results for this ruthless exploitation, but the future – always – is wide open and really I don’t have any other choices.
Anyway, this one is quite simple, smooth – I guess -, well balanced and sort of happy, careless. I wish I could write more of this kind. Read more Father’s Day