Rollins Band – Nice (2001)

“Your number is one, your mind decided, your number is one, you are undivided…”
Without MTV and generally speaking, any media support and striking favorites such as “Low Self Opinion” and “Liar”, the last two albums – at least, up to date – of Rollins made no impression outside his fan base. It’s quite unfair, the 2000’s “Get Some Go Again” and the follow-up “Nice” released next year was two quality Post-Hardcore/Modern Rock albums. Released exactly ten years ago, on 21th August 2001, “Nice” perhaps it isn’t the best Rollins Band album, but it’s a… nice one. And still, I can’t figure out what the f*ck best means?! Harder, faster, bigger, stronger, louder? Whatever!
And actually good songs were plenty on it, just to mention a few: “Up for It”, “Your Number Is One”, “I Want So Much More”, “Hangin’ Around”, “Going Out Strange”, “Let That Devil Out”, etc Read more Rollins Band – Nice (2001)