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Planet Berlin - 360° with a crocodile A crocodile driving, skating and biking through Berlin. Shot with a 360° rig using 6 GoPro Cameras and a 3D printed mount.
Jonas Ginter explain: “In order to breathe life into this little planet and to implement them as a moving picture, I’ve tried a lot of funny things in the last few years: I’ve screwed my cameras on the turntable and nights trying to put thousands of pictures. Has not worked. I have strange designs with mirrors looked at and frustrated found that the absolute nonsense. Piece by piece, came the realization that I can realize 360 degree videos only when I capture the image in one take. So the logical conclusion was: Many cameras. Luckily there GoPro cameras that cover with her ​​fisheye lens a decent viewing angle. So you only need six cameras to record horizontally 360 ° and vertically 180 ° can. Provided you point the camera from exactly. The closer the lenses are to each other and the more overlap produce each camera the better the result. I have unsuccessfully experimented with rubber bands, cable ties, wood and polystyrene. Only with the construction of a support which has been printed in the 3D printer, everything worked satisfactorily. I have this template as a base and used a bit off without the help of any crack of the Hacker Space Bremen and especially without Andree’s and Michael’s involvement, would have been all that nothing.” (more…)

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Top casinos to visit when travelling in South America

Just like visiting anywhere in the world South America has many different cultures and exciting places to visit. The matter where you go (more…)

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Dead cities: Detroit

Once nicknamed the “Motor City”, Detroit (Michigan, USA), known as the world’s traditional automotive center, and “Rock City” after the Kiss song “Detroit Rock City”, Detroit is (more…)

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Purobeach Oasis del Mar, Toscana

“Tuscany may evoke images of the Italian countryside, delightful farmhouses, olive trails and lots of fine wine. Well think again, Purobeach Toscana in the Maremma Park is where beach side yoga and glamorous cocktails are de rigueur.
Purobeach has partnered with internationally renowned, Leonardo Ferragamo, son of fashion designer Salvatore Ferragamo, to launch this chic beachside club at Marina di Scarlino, Toscana. Set in the heart of (more…)

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The colors of Hotel Maison Moschino in Milan

It has become quite popular nowdays to make all hotel’s suits different by styles to satisfy all clients wishes. Hotel Maison Moschino is located in the (more…)

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