Beef steak with mushrooms and vegetables

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Beef steak with mushrooms and vegetables For a tasty beef steak there two important “ingredients” are the must: proper preparation and patience.
So, one evening before the cooking I preparer the meat in the marinade made of soy sauce, Worcester sauce, Thai sweet chili sauce, herbs of your taste and choice (mint, basil, oregano), salt, ginger, pepper, paprika, red wine and a few drops of brandy.
Leave it in the fridge over the night.
Next day at noon I start with frying on small fire the meat in a little bit of oil. Separately I fry two onions and when they are getting nice and golden, I add some garlic too for a couple of seconds. Add the onion and the garlic now on the both side frayed meat, then add some water, a little bit of red wine, paprika, pepper, chili, curry, ginger and some more herbs (mint, basil, oregano). Read more Beef steak with mushrooms and vegetables

Hungarian Rhapsody – Alternative Lecsó

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My middle name is “Alternative”, no matter if we’re talking about graphics, music or “simple” ideas. But the kitchen is not different as well. Generally I don’t read recipes, I invent them or alternate famous ones, adept to my taste or to the ingredients I have at that particular moment. Cooking it’s definitively an art and I enjoy to mix up spices, flavors, tastes, aromas and colors. A delicious meal demands the same creativity as a good song or a fascinating painting.
Although the traditional Hungarian Lecsó features green and/or red peppers and tomato, I made my own Lecsó this time adding also green beans, carrots and rice – obtaining also the red/white/green colors of the Hungarian flag. But same easily this could be an Italian or Mexican rhapsody as well!!
The Hungarian Rhapsodies (Magyar rapszódiák), S.244, R106, is a set of 19 piano pieces based on Read more Hungarian Rhapsody – Alternative Lecsó