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Body Parts, Live Breath Art

UK-based artist Bronia Sawyer has always found art to be a means by which she could control and manipulate her world and her surroundings. From a very young age, Sawyer expressed herself through her creativity, later saying, “For me creativity and imagination go hand in hand.” Body Parts, Live Breath Art is a series of sculptures in which the artist took pages and pages of recycled books and transformed them into spiraling, abstract impressions of body parts. (more…)

Category: Art, Paper art, Sculpture

The sheet as art. The means by which the Danish artist Peter Callesen , creates wonderful sculptures engraved on common white sheets. A means for processing passes from support to work and vice versa: The figure tries to escape from the surface of the paper, creating a conceptual combination in which the lifeless body and its skeleton coexist, the dream is confused with reality, and the shadow it is one with the light.

Paper art by Peter Callesen (more…)

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Category: Art, Paper art, Sculpture

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