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R.I.P. Rockstars Playing and Fortune-telling Cards
The R.I.P. Rockstars is a standard, poker size playing and fortune-telling deck of cards. Each of the 53 cards of the deck celebrates the life and legacy of 53 iconic rock figures who have passed away in tragic circumstances. The 53 cards were attributed according to the date of birth of each featured artist. (more…)

Portraits and ghosts

These portraits accompanied by ghosts are the work of William Hope, born in 1863 in England, he claimed to be a medium capable of freezing the spirits of deceased members of the family of his subjects on photographs. (more…)

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The art of Tenia

Gianluca Gambino: Illustrator, Concept Artist, Character Designer, from Catania, Italy. (more…)

Dog collages made from old papers

Peter Clark is an illustrator and designer living in London. At some point in his career, he has fallen in love with collages. The artist makes collages of various forms – from trophies to animals to clothing. Clark uses a collection of various papers which he searches at flea markets, garage sales, and even dumpsters do create his cool dog collages. Nothing is hard or strange for this artist in order to get a paper which is visually interesting and can do well in creating a collage he intended to be done. (more…)

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Star Wars in black and white photos

Toronto-based photographer Thomas Dagg makes pretty pictures in black and white in which he inserts elements of the Star Wars films. (more…)

Surreal collages by Irina & Silviu Szekely

Irina & Silviu Szekely are two self-taught photographers and analogue collage artists. (more…)

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