Therapy? – Disquiet (2015)

Therapy? - Disquiet (2015)
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Therapy? - Disquiet (2015) Believe it or not, but “Disquiet” is the fourteenth studio album by Therapy?. “Teethgrinder” it’s still ringing in my ears like it was yesterday and their 94’s “Troublegum” it’s probably one of the best punk-rock albums ever. Between their fourth and fourteenth album lot of things was going on, but the only thing it’s really matter is that Therapy? are still alive and kicking.
Co-founder drummer Fyfe Ewing left the band in 1996 and he was replaced by Graham Hopkins. Hopkins left the band in 2001 and was replaced next year with Neil Cooper. Although they never delivered a “Troublegum 2” type of success album, Therapy? had a couple of great songs and some really good albums in between. Just for the record, their previous album, the 2012’s “A Brief Crack of Light” it’s a solid, modern rock album. But there’s one thing that kept the band going: the love and the support of their fans.
“Disquiet” it’s definitively a perfect gift for them. And another killer album from a quite under-rated band!

“Still Hurts” recall the feel and groove of “Troublegum”, it’s an energy full, grind you to the ground type of (punk) rock anthem. Impossible to resist it!
“Tides” it’s darker, but still melodious and catchy, melancholy and post-rock make a nice pair.
“Good News Is No News” (in your shoes)… ­čÖé The big chorus will make you sing along. And jump around.
“Fall Behind” bring back the heaviness of their earlier songs combined smoothly with the post-rock flavor of the last period. Good riffs and catchy vocals are the aces in the sleeve of Andy Cairns.
“Idiot Cousin” it’s further twisted and dark.
“Helpless Still Lost” it’s another piece which would fit right in on “Troublegum”, it’s written in the same vein.
“Insecurity” continues in the same direction, the riff it’s intense and memorable.
“Vulgar Display Of Powder” would be too obvious for an album title, but it’s a killer song title. It’s heavy s*it! Love it!
“Words Fail Me” have a killer groove and it’s wicked and wild – as rock music should be. Love the bass riffs of Michael McKeegan.
“Torment Sorrow Misery Strife” it’s another possible radio favorite – in a normal world. But we’re not living in a normal world, don’t we?
“Deathstimate” it’s more experimental and dark with its 7 minutes, but it’s still a great rock song.


01. Still Hurts
02. Tides
03. Good News Is No News
04. Fall Behind
05. Idiot Cousin
06. Helpless Still Lost
07. Insecurity
08. Vulgar Display Of Powder
09. Words Fail Me
10. Torment Sorrow Misery Strife
11. Deathstimate

Produced by Tom Dalgety (Royal Blood/Band of Skulls/Turbowolf), released on 23 March 2015.

Therapy? – Official Site


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