Top casinos to visit when travelling in South America

Just like visiting anywhere in the world South America has many different cultures and exciting places to visit. The matter where you go you always see something different just like if you are visiting Asia or Europe. But surprisingly to many people South America also has its fair share of casinos that you can visit as most people would not picture visiting a casino when going to countries such as Uruguay or Mexico. However these two countries in particular have some very famous casinos within them.

Top casinos to visit when travelling in South America

Mexico is an incredibly popular holiday destination due to its hot sun and sandy beaches. Since it is also close to America it gets many visitors from the USA as it is easy to get to and anyone who has been there will vouch for it being a great holiday destination. There are more and more casinos popping up in Mexico due to the laws been lifted on gambling in 2004 and now there are a couple of super casinos that you should definitely check out if you’re looking to gamble in Mexico. They contain all th games you would find at Lucky Nugget casino. The Caliente Casino was built in 2008 and is the largest casino in Mexico, with thousands of electronic slot machines and hundreds of live tables you can be sure that there are more games you could ever want to play. Not only this though the casino is part of a huge holiday resort with many different facilities available including an entire shopping mall that you can visit and find hundreds of great shops.

In Uruguay there is one of the most famous casinos in the world named the Conrad. This casino is in much the same league as the casinos in Monte Carlo as it has similar decor to these high-class casinos. And the casino itself is not small without having more than 600 slot machines available at any time. You may sure that if you visit South America you will have a great time looking for casinos.

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