Skindred – Kill The Power (2014)

Skindred - Kill The Power (2014)

Skindred - Kill The Power (2014) Benji Webbe and his comando (Daniel Pugsley – bass; Mikey Demus – guitar, backing vocals; and Arya Goggin – drums) of reggae-metal from Welsh are back with their fifth studio album entitled “Kill the Power”. He stated about the titled and the upcoming album: “We are more than excited to unleash this Skindred bomb on the world! Kill The Power is for all them that are sick of being the underdog, and wanna step up and destroy all those who oppress and hold them down! Use this album as a backdrop to overcome and take your life back! We ain’t fighting the power no more – we are definitely killing it!!” And they delivered probably their best album so far.
Filled-up with powerful, nu-metal flavored riffs, dub aromas, wicked electronic layers, reggae rooted grooves and hardcore attitude, Skindred seems to be at the pick of their intensity and take no prisoners. This is a colorful, heavy, banging and surprising throughout album and probably live it will grind you into the ground for good.

Diversity seems to be the keyword for “Kill The Power”, a true-blood and honest multicultural product of art.
The Bad Brains parallels are always there, but Skindred it’s definitively not a copy-band and have their own flavor. Their colorful music it’s also related to Asian Dub Foundation, Apollo 440, Subsource and other British rebel-fusion bands. Each track take us into a different direction, shows different dimensions and sound different, still, this is all so recognizably and genuinely Skindred.
Hard to pick favorites here, each track is powerful and interesting in its own way. Some sequences/passages might sound familiar, but that makes things only better: you can bang your head and scream till you’ll spit out your lungs!
12 tracks, 2 iTune bonuses, worth each dollar and dime!!

Buy it or steal it (if you are a ninja too!!) !!


01. Kill The Power 4:35
02. Ruling Force 3:52
03. Playing With The Devil 4:20
04. Worlds On Fire 3:31
05. Ninja 4:31
06. The Kids Are Right Now 4:31
07. We Live 4:05
08. Open Eyed 4:43
09. Dollars And Dimes 3:49
10. Saturday 4:00
11. Proceed With Caution 3:19
12. More Fire 3:23
13. Ghetto Long Time (iTunes Bonus) 4:10
14. All Fall Down (iTunes Bonus) 4:06

Produced by James “LeRock” Loughrey, @ The Chairworks Studio, Leeds, Copasetic sound London.
Release Date: January 27, 2014.

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