Fire! – Without Noticing (2013)

Fire! – Without Noticing (2013)

Fire! – Without Noticing (2013) This is a massive sounding experiment where kraut and blues rock meets free jazz. Fire! incorporates saxophonist Mats Gustafsson of The Thing (and many more other projects), drummer Andreas Werliin (of Time Is a Mountain, Tonbruket, Wildbirds & Peacedrums) and basist Johan Berthling. “Without Noticing” it’s their third full-length album, the previous “Unreleased?” was released in 2011 and rocked my world.
This time we’ve got 7 tracks where on rock solid rhythmic bases and heavy bass lines Gustafsson can improvise wildly. This is a hypnotic and spectacular mixture of edge-cutting jazz and dense psychedelia. And probably not many people would imagine that a saxophone can be that aggressive!

Slow and heavy blues riff, explosive and contorted saxophone solos, abstract and tumultuous adventures outside of the conventional world and our everyday, gray comfort zone.
Sometimes feels like Massacre (the American band of Fred Frith, Bill Laswell and Fred Maher) would improvise on some classic Black Sabbath themes. Other times feels like dark and distorted sixties-psychedelic-blues rock mixed up with free beats and Zorn type of eccentric experimental/avant-garde jazz spirit.
18 Euro for this 7 track recording is a considerable price, but it worth every penny (Euro cent)!
While everybody want to sound the same and try to get integrated into the mainstream by any means, this kind of free music can be easily considered “Middle Finger Music”. A new genre is about to explode!


01 – Standing on a Rabbit (Without Noticing)
02 – Would I Whip (Without Noticing)
03 – Your Silhouette on Each (Without Noticing)
04 – At Least on Your Door (Without Noticing)
05 – Tonight. More. Much More. (Without Noticing)
06 – Molting Slowly (Without Noticing)
07 – I Mostly Stare (Without Noticing)

Mats Gustafsson & Andreas Werliin & Johan Berthling

Mats Gustafsson – Official Site

Rune Grammofon

Buy it or steal it!!! Mandatory!


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