The Rott Chils – Alleluia A Brit Milah In G Melodic Minor (2013)

TRC Alleluia 2013

TRC Alleluia 2013 The brit milah, “covenant of circumcision”, is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed on 8-day-old male infants by a mohel. The G melodic minor scale (G, A, Bb, C, D, E#, G) is a commonly used minor scale key – G minor on circle of 5ths…. What the heck I’m talking about??! 😆
According to the rumors, The Rott Childs are 4 nephews, hailing from a notorious European family bloodline. After one too many magic tricks gone wrong at the annual family dinner, they were shunned and shut off from the family fortune. Forever. One of them sweared, another one stomped his foot while the others howled and cried gypsy tears. It was decided then and there that this was music. Alleluia!!
This is (post) hardcore. True, ferocious, sometimes chaotic, but colorful and full of interesting ideas and turns, The Rott Chils delivers something exciting, unique and addictive. No connection to the fancy, mainstream trends, no EDM/dubstep flavors, no electronic/sampler layers, but bold, merciless grindings and smart passages related to punk, blues and godknows what other genres. Sometimes they go pretty technical, sometimes they quite melodious, sometimes they simply raging. One thing is sure: you can’t get bored, they don’t let you breath throughout the whole album.

After a charmingly misleading intro entitled “Prelude”, “Caloric” explode like a bomb. It’s a massacre. “Pass Out The Charm” – along with “Pretty Diamond” available for download on their SoundCloud page – it’s a more experimental ride which reminded me of an unfairly unknown band called H.P. Zinker. “Pretty Diamond” have a kind of refreshing Cardiacs feel. “Suitcase Full of Stupid” merge melodious passages with sick butcheries, unleashing some technical moments with contorted rhythmic. Not an easy listening for sure, but very exciting!
“Stumble” it’s more closer to the hardcore punk rawness then to the metal scene, but some slow breaks and grindings gives a classy flavor to this butchery. Love the breaks! “Stutter” it’s less chaotic, but pretty much intense. Still, have a more blues flavor. “Childrens Life Size Gorgeous Luxury Play House” it’s crazy like a Mr. Bungle track. Don’t have to explain it further! Drum solos are still fashionable?
“Marching Band” it’s another dizzy rope dancer between chaotic grindings and twisted out breakdowns. “Gold Crumbs” closing the album with a classy hardcore anthem with melodious moments and completely murderous grindings. I love it, but probably it’s too brutal and unconventional for exclusively weekend handbangers.

The Rott Childs band

In 2009 The Rott Childs released their debut album: “Riches Will Come Thy Way, A Musical” on House Rott Child Records / Rough Trade Distribution Benelux.
They teamed up with Stage-Mania Bookings and played a ton of shows in Belgium and The Netherlands and one very succesfull sold-out show in Germany.
2013 sees the return of The Rott Childs with a new album: “Alleluia: A Brit Milah In G Melodic Minor”.
The album was recorded by The Rott Childs in April 2013 at House Rott Child. Mixed by Micha Volders (Vermin Twins, …). Mastered by Uwe Teichert. Artwork by Fia Cielen.
The band claims the music was influenced by “practical science and straight up magic.” Scary, isn’t it? 😆


01. Prelude
02. Caloric
03. Pass Out The Charm
04. Pretty Diamond
05. Suitcase Full Of Stupid
06. Stumble
07. Stutter
08. Childrens Life Size Gorgeous Luxury Play House
09. Marching Band
10. Gold Crumbs

The Rott Childs are Wim, Florent, Jethro and Christophe.
The album will be released on House Rott Child Records / Rough Trade Distribution Benelux

The Rott Chils – Official Site
The Rott Chils – SoundCloud
The Rott Chils – YouTube Channel

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