Electric Worry – Back to Motor City, EP (2013)

Electric Worry Back to Motor City 2013 Pierre (Bass – Vocal), Léo (Guitar) and Batiste (Drum) are the members of the French stoner rock band Electric Worry and ” Back to Motor City” it’s their four track debut EP – Digital album: name your price/free; limited edition CD for €5 at their Bandcamp page.
Although they choose their name inspired by the American band Clutch (track 6 from their 2007’s released, eighth studio album entitled “From Beale Street to Oblivion”), and they are singing in English, as a genuine French band, I did not find one single word in English about them on their official internet profiles and pages. Well, my French sucks – a lot – merde!! On the other hand, translator softwares are freaking fun, so, I’m not gonna bitching more about it. But if the band really thinking of reach out a larger audience over the borders of France, at least an official bio in English, would be nice.
But then again, this is a cool band (I mean f*ckin’ heavy!!) and they worth – at least – a listen.


Electric Worry was formed in 2008 by two brothers and a longtime friend. The trio, consisting of a guitarist, a bassist-singer and a drummer gathering influences mainly from the 70s rock and the stoner/Southern rock. In 2009-2010 they took a break due the departure of their guitarist. Back with full forces, in 2011, the band recorded their first demo and played several gigs which ensured a spot on the main stage in Besançon’s music festival.

“Back to Motor City” it’s build upon solid riffs, pounding, dirty rock grooves. Fans of Southern/stoner/sludge rock with roots back to blues, such as Kyuss, Monster Magnet, Clutch, Fu Manchu, Sleep, Helmet, Black Label Society will definitively enjoy these heavy rides.
Can grab it for free, but remember, artists deserves our support!

Electric Worry @ Facebook
Electric Worry @ Bandcamp

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