God is an old guy with some weird beard and a strange kind of humor? I prefer not to think about him that way.
Rather I prefer to think about him as a beautiful woman. And my relation with God is an intimate one based on love and respect, rather then on fear and submission.
For years I was reading the Bible to obtain a portrait of God, but I dig out only pictures of a furious, vengeful, cruel and yeah, impulsive guy who seems to hate us all from his guts. Well, I guess is not his fault that some men thousand years ago got the wrong picture.
But it’s for sure our fault to maintain false approaches of this subject.
When Jesus came into the picture he tried to do the first major rebranding operation and we all had to admit it, he done a pretty good PR job. It was messy, but it worked out. Maybe not the way as Jesus – or God – planed, I’m not that sure they are happy about who hi-jacked their name and twisted their message, but it’s not the issue now.
No matter what language you use, whether you translate or transliterate, YHWH’s name means “I am that I am”. Jehovah in Hebrew is spelt by four letters, Yod, He, Vau and He – l. H. V. H. To these four letters is given the deepest symbolical meaning. The first letter expresses the active principle, the beginning or first cause, motion, energy, “l”. The second letter expresses the passive element, inertia, quietude, “not l”. The third expresses the balance of opposites, “form” and the fourth, the result or latent energy.
I always felt that God is energy, the active principle of this Universe. Therefore I never believed in Good and Evil, only man are capable of good and evil using the same energy in different purposes. But once again, this is a different story, off topics right now.

The triangle is God (the Trinity) or the world of ideas, or the nominal world. The point is man’s soul. The square is the visible, physical or phenomenal world. Potentially, the point is equal to the square, which means that all the visible world is contained in man’s consciousness, is created in man’s soul. And the soul itself is a point having no dimension in the world of the spirit, symbolized by the triangle.


And well, back in 2005 I painted a portrait of God closer to the common sense of the portrait. Searching for the “true” portrait of God seems hard as the search for the “true” name of God it is, but I really don’t like doing easy things. 🙂

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