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Have some good stuffs from FiXT to deliver, and while I was pretty absent and jammed lately, I decide it to put up a playlist with all those tracks and serve them here and now together. Have some killer beats, tortured and contorted wobbling basses, fire starter and explosive anthems to moving the people of the dance floor, but not exclusively.
First of all we have a FREE DOWNLOAD (with the request to donate), the Figure’s remix of Citizen Cope’s “Lifeline”. Noah D’s release of “That Diff” it’s also available for free download. Producer/Composer Jack Trammell bring a free Track from the “Pillars of Creation” called “Critical Mass” where heavy bass music brutally crash into classic orchestral score. Dank ft. jACQ brings to our attention the new Progressive House Banger “Crystals”. Last but not least, we will closing this weekend fire starter playlist with another remix and Free Download by FIGURE who reworked the Deltron 3030’s track “Upgrade.” Turn up your loudspeakers and let’s start the banging!!

Born Clarence Greenwood, Citizen Cope, a child of the seventies, is the radically mashed-up product of Greenville, Mississippi; Memphis, Tennessee; Vernon, Texas; Austin, Texas; Washington, DC; and Brooklyn, New York. His sounds are southern rural, big sky lonely, concrete urban, and painfully romantic. Cope’s roots are complex You may think of Bill Withers or Neil Young or John Lee Hooker or Van Morrison or Willie Nelson or Al Green. He’s musical education was build upon the folk tales of William Faulkner and Big Bill Broonzy, which shaped his sensitivity. He took a few college courses at Texas Tech which alternately bored and excited him. In the Austin of the eighties, he took sound classes and found himself fooling with a primitive four-track setup. Turntables intrigued him. He heard hip hop as inspired invention. For years, he got lost in his self-designed lab, cooking up beats and motifs that only later would be shaped into songs.
In the past nine years, he has produced four albums of depth and distinction, each a critical chapter in his search for a sound that paints an auditory American landscape in which despair wars with hope and hope, tied to love, is elusive.
Josh Gard has had a long history in music, and lately he has been rapidly rising up the ranks for all things bass. Just a few short years ago he donned the name Figure and began making electro house, but has since become a regular name in all realms of electronic and dance. Scoring positions among the charts may have gotten him recognition. Lately, some of the leading artists in electronic music have valued his live performance skills as some of the best in the business.
The Figure remix has been in production for months, but after reaching out to blues, soul, and rock icon Citizen Cope regarding an official release, both self-publishing artists decided to just give it to their fans. Kind of reminds me of Moby’s best moments, this is definitively one of the best club tracks lately.
Grab the download for free at and donate the money you would have spent to help Sandy Relief efforts. Fans are encouraged to use the money they would have spent on the release for donations to a charity of their choice including aid to New Jersey Relief Fund, New York City Rescue Mission, Dream Center NewYork, Covenant House, and International Rescue Committee.
And if you don’t have money, that’s OK. Maybe help by sharing the link to the post on the site or the link to a relief organization that is doing good for our friends in need.

Figure – Official Site
Citizen Cope – Official Site

Noah D (Noah Dickinson) is a sophisticated electronic music composer as well as an enigmatic and saturated live performer. As an artist’s artist, his heavy and hypnotic bass music is preceded by an expectation of the uncommon mastery that comes with a classically-trained background coupled with over 10 years production experience. While his work can deliver aggressive and substantial tracks, the sound avoids the overt focus on noise that characterizes the harder bass music genres. An expert at slipping from the hard to the smooth and sexy, Noah D carries a history of drum & bass, hip hop, live guitar, and West Coast bass music into the present.
“That Diff,” featuring vocal tracks from Twista’s “Reloaded” and it’s a Hip-Hop flavored electronic track set to shake your moneymaker at the dance floor.
“That Diff” is available as a free download through Noah D’s website at and your favorite download dealer. Keep watch for his “Fire Alarm” EP due out in Winter 2012.

Noah D – Official Site

Producer/Composer Jack Trammell is at the forefront of bringing together the worlds of Bass Music and Film/TV/Soundtracks in his latest album “Pillars Of Creation.” With heavy features in movie/game trailers like Looper, Cloud Atlas, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Total Recall, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and more, he’s already turning millions of ears onto his vision of futuristic orchestral music with dubstep/bass music influence.
Jack Trammell explains: “With my newest album, “Pillars of Creation”, I wanted to dive deeper into my early influences. I’ve always been a fan of Sci-fi films and TV shows like Star Trek, The Matrix, Lost, 12 Monkeys, Star Wars etc. So I tried to incorporate lush atmospheres and other-worldly sound design into my hard hitting style. Songs like “Critical Mass” or “Echelon” are good examples of how I tried to create a spacey, Sci-fi soundscape, while always ascending into a larger, more action packed scenario…just like those great Scifi films do. And I really love some of the new Dubstep coming out. So the whole album has this synergistic marriage of Scifi movie sounds, and hot new Dubstep craziness.”

“Pillars Of Creation” Is Available Now:
at iTunes
at Amazon

An overall # 1 best selling producer in Dubstep and Drum N Bass, the CEO and founder of Funky Element Records, U.S.A. has been hard at work. A DJ/ Producer/ Re-mixer/ & Label Owner for the past 12 years, Dank has been at the forefront of the heavy bass culture movement since its early inception years ago. This New York City native considered to be a pioneer of the underground sound currently coming out of the city that never sleeps, represents heavy bass culture from the school of the hard knox and is knee deep in it. Fused with sexy bass and super funk, Dank has booked and played along side some of the hottest talent on the planet. With countless top 10 Electro House charting productions as well, he has remixed for various labels around the world such as Armada Music, Big Fish, Play Me, Central Station and the list goes on. His own live performances have been considered thunderously captivating, crossing all genres of the heavy bass movement. Stay tuned for an array of original tracks and remixes, alongside some of the industries hottest releases by various artists via Funky Element Records, for this is only the beginning.
New York DJ/Producer Dank (USA) has released a new track, “Crystals” featuring the mesmerizingly smooth and sultry vocals of jACQ, out now on Beatport through Dank’s own Funky Element Records.

Dank – Official Site

Deltron 3030 is an alternative hip hop supergroup composed of producer Dan the Automator, rapper Del the Funky Homosapien and DJ Kid Koala.
The group’s debut album Deltron 3030, released on May 23, 2000, is a concept album set in the year 3030 that tells of the fight by Deltron Zero (Del’s alter ego) against huge corporations that rule the universe. The lyrics were written in less than two weeks and are characterized by extravagant allusions to futuristic outer-space themes in the tradition of Afrofuturist works by Sun Ra and George Clinton. Many samples originated with the contemporary French classical composer William Sheller.
Following the release of the album, they all worked on the Gorillaz’ self-titled debut album.
FIGURE declared: “Deltron 3030 was essential music to me for so long that to have the groups blessing on this remix is more than a honor. Dan The Automator was more than kind enough to send me Del’s studio acapella, and Del gave me the thumbs up on the mix … In short, I am very giddy about this one!
I tried to capture the vibe of the original all while keeping my sound intact. This remix isn’t made for just dj sets… it’s for the people who grew up on this album like I did and still hold that era up on a pedestal.”
Get your FREE download via!

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