VS – Just a sigh (Part 1), EP (2012)

Formed in 2004, VS it’s a French band playing a mixture of atmospheric and electro fueled Post-Rock. It’s hard not to compare it to Sigur Rós, but simultaneously, VS it’s quite different from the leading band of Iceland and their foggy, still soulful music.
“One” kicks in like a modern electro Rock anthem, it’s more related to Filter then to the nowadays fancy Shoegazer obscurity. VS manage to mix smartly electronic layers with acoustic instruments and the result it’s a very gentle, but groovy, pulsing music rooted back to very different genres.
Surprisingly, “Industrial”, the second track is a much quieter, mood and not groove oriented track. It’s a dark, but gentle track nicely coloured with strings and samplers.
The following “Exp” have a strong late Smashing Pumpkins taste and vibe, even Billy Corgan would be proud of it.

“E-magine” sounds like a frozen Christmas song, have a very smooth, warm and counselor, peaceful vibe.
“Just A Sight”, the title track bring some more darker, more abstract tones back. The electronic rhythmic layers are coloured with shattered acoustic licks and the song grows slowly to its maximum intensity.
“Buy Me” slow things down again and close the (mini) album in a sad, but kind of reconciliation vibe. The piano it’s very beautiful throughout.
The whole release it’s very round, smartly balanced, although I prefer the more uplifting, upper-beat “One” and “Exp” rather than the darker, and sometimes more obscure slower (and saddest) tracks.

The cover it’s very arty and… brutal. Excellent choice, it’s powerful and expressive, eye-grabber and with instant impact.

Released on 15th October , “Just a sigh (Part 1)” it’s only the first part of a concept-trilogy, the second one, ”CiTies R reaL (Part 2)” will be released in 2013.

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