The Locomotive Sound Corporation – We Surely End Somewhere (rough session, 2012)

As the title pointed out pretty clearly, this is a rough session of Summer 2012, five song recorded – as they say “with a donkey, an old man and a church as a neighborhood.” Available now on Noomiz and Bandcamp, The Locomotive Sound Corporation, one of my favorite bands and albums of 2011 are back with this tasty release, and even further, the “name your price” approach is very fan-friendly.
The Locomotive Sound Corporation is the French answer for the American “new Blues”, they are soul related to bands such as The White Stripes, PJ Harvey, 12 Rounds, The Dead Weather, PJ Harvey, The Raconteurs, Sonic Youth, and The Black Keys, have that raw power and healthy garage taste which brings new life in this mainstreamly-boring and burnt-out Indie/Alternative genre. This Parisian band proves once again, there are still spaces and sounds to explore, feelings to express in this area and this 5 new tracks are also a great promise for their largely expected new album.

“Dirty Spider” is my favorite, is straight, powerful and addictive; “So Sorry” have a strong Retro vibe and taste, the sound is very dirty and garage-like; “Mistaken” took us on a more Psychedelic path, it’s quite hypnotic; “Last Pill” have some tasty PJ Harvey aromas from her most impressive era – “Rid Of Me”; and finally “Fuel” is a grinding Rock track with a powerful and catchy riff.

This is a good reminder, the band is still kicking and a promise for an even more kicker new album.

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