Ghosts – Judge (2012)

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Two Dublin (Ireland) based producers, Paudie Bob and Kevin Gleeson, merging elements of Dark Ambient, Garage, 2 Step and Dubstep.
This is a nice trip into the dark side of electronic emotions and mechanical grooves, manipulated vocals, smartly layered synths and pulsing noises. Mysterious, still catchy and colorful, Ghosts find a nice path between Deep House, Techno, 2 Step, Garage, Dubstep, Dark Ambient and blend them all together into their own.
To date they have two independently released two EP’s, “Doxology” and “NIGHT”, and several official remixes for the likes of CLU, Simon Bird and Monto. Their new EP, “Judge”, was released on June 18th by the online digital label, Bad Panda Records.
And most of all, can get it for FREE legally/officially!!

The downside, there is a band named also Ghosts (previously known as Polanski) from London, true, not very active recently, still, there might be some legal issues.

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Bad Panda Records

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