GMBC Complete Omnivore 2012 Completely disturbing, noisy and contorted, explosive, G.M.B.C. delivering the most dangerous type of Hardcore with Metal outfit in the footsteps of Converge and merging the furious attitude of Dead Kennedys with the overwhelming sound and energy of Pantera. G.M.B.C. are here to set the world on fire. The 8 tracks of “Complete Omnivore” are a merciless and compromiseless ride into the wild and once the pogo starts, nobody can stop it! But this isn’t only about energy and aggression, G.M.B.C. came up with some grinding you into the ground rhythms, some cutting to the bones riffs and at the bottom line they actually delivered a couple of great songs.
“Baldwin’s Case” have some moments which sounds like a meat grinder. “Evil Sex Machine” have the heaviness and southern spirit of Down combined with some madly speed Hardcore grinding. “Platini Beach” have a kind of Punk vibe while “Rasputin” sounds like a modern version of Napalm Death – both track are only few seconds over one minute. “Fat On Dry” sounds like Dead Kennedys doing a little Grindcore butchery, and “Moto Salad” have the sick taste of The Dillinger Escape Plan.


“Ze Do Caxao” push the things further into an Industrial contaminated area of total destruction while the closing “Rice Poney” is an epic, almost 3 minutes long, Pantera evoking masterpiece of brutality. The ass-kicker album of the year!!
Truly murderous. G.M.B.C. is a name to memorize and “Complete Omnivore” which will be released on 24th August, 2012 it’s an album worth to buy or steal it! Definitively one of the best of its genre this year and already one of my favorite Hardcore albums of the year! This one have true guts and nerve, and have that very rare genuine sparkling of genius. Swear, you will hear from these guys a lot in the future!

Cédric – drums, Valentin – guitar, Maxime – bass, and Arnaud – vocals discovered the perfect receipt for sonic massacre. G.M.B.C. (Good Morning Bleeding City) is a Parisian project created in 2OO2 around a manifesto with a clear goal: being to rock what a wooden leg is to Cambodia.
Inspired by bands such as Converge, Melt Banana, Daughters, An Albatross, G.M.B.C. express the rage of a one-legged in a contest of ass-kicking. The future is here and just kicked you in the face!
And “Superotic Vagina’s Clockwork” is one of the sickest videos I’ve seen since Tool’s “Sober” and “Prison Sex”!

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