Atomik Clocks – Magdan in Charleroi (2011)

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Literally mind-blowing Funk, some pumping Punk energy and pounding Rock attitude, Atomik Clocks delivering a quite refreshing mixture of Jazz, Funk and Rock, merging the spirit of free, improvised music with the power and weight of experimental spiced, Progressive Rock, eventually reminds me of Morphine.
“Magdan in Charleroi”, their first full-length release is available as digital download for only €3 on their official Bandcamp page, and definitively it worth every single penny of it!!
We’ve got 10 groovy, sometimes pretty Psychedelic taste-like, experimental, but not pointlessly abstract songs, an exciting mixture of styles and approaches, the saxophone playing the main role, but the killer funky bass is equally present while the drums offers the solid bases for these sonic jams.

This improvisation, creative collective project was founded in the summer of 2006 and evolved into the band AtomiK Clocks.
In June 2007 they recorded their first demo album entitled “Funk Tundra” (free download) , as a quartet, recorded “live at home” , containing material of collective improvisation and funk songs.
In November 2008 they recorded a new demo EP and  make the transition from quartet to trio. “The Country Hell” (free download) containing collective improvisations with adding to it a Hardcore/Punk taste.
In 2009  the band crystallized its line-up as a trio and focused their effort in finding their own sound build upon the amalgam that incorporates their primordial funk roots, but twisted in and out with Rock and Punk influences and attitude.
In late 2010 their released  “Live Promo 2010” (free download) with 4 new songs recorded live and finally begin working on their first true album.
“Magdan in Charleroi” was released on 30th September 2011. Go and grab it!!

Self recorded, mixed and mastered: in Florence, Italy, between sept 2010 and may 2011.
at W.A.G. (What a Guazza Studio, at Pippen’s basement)

Cover art by F.O.P.P. []
Francis Li Puma – bass, fretless bass (on 3, 6, 9), tenor sax (on 5).
Marco Ruggiero – drums
Philip Pratesi – alto sax (exept 5)

Massimo Peroni featuring baritone sax on “Robotic Prostitute in Heat”.

Atomik Clocks @ Bandcamp
Atomik Clocks @ MySpace
Atomik Clocks @ YouTube
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