Dementio13 – El Lissitzky (2012)

“Sick”, “dope” and FREE (name your price) !! Exactly as the people expect to be nowadays. Still, as I often said, art and artists need to be supported, otherwise it will fade out and we will only have the mainstream plastic BS, perfectly packed, consumer-friendly, but meaningless and tasteless. I’m kind of dependent of independent music, too old to expect or believe in “revolutions”, but still willing to take the hard way and prefer to explore the unknown and unexpected, then accept the comfortable. And Dementio13 it’s definitively genderless, experimental, boundaries breaker music ready for open minds and ears.
So, if you’re not afraid to take a trip into the wide open unknown without having a clue where it’s gonna take you, “El Lissitzky” is your ticket to ride – and get free.

Dementio13 is a Cardiff-based producer/remixer making music which could be described as “electronic post-rock” or… “something” – which basically is a glowing mixture of Krautrock-influenced Drones, Experimental Electro-Pop, Chill(ed) Soundscapes with noisy build-ups, Drum & Bass filled with Psychedelia. Both “retro” and fresh, looking forward, Dementio13 might sounds familiar and eventually reminds you of a million different things you heard before, but still have its own vibe, taste and it’s nothing like you ever taste before.
As he explains best: “If you’re new to my music, or maybe not; I’ll tell you “what I’m about”. I love independence, I love electronic music which you can ‘feel’. My music comes from so many different influences, I’ve forgotten what they are!!! It also acknowledges the unconscious influences. I’m flattered when people buy my music, but would rather lots of people download it and like it for free, than a handful of purchases. The form of my music isn’t about ‘revolution’, but the attitude and ideas behind it are (or maybe just a bit irreverent), kinda “anti-genre”. There’s a bit of humour and tongue-in-cheek too. I use some ‘conventional’ instruments as well as synths and computers; and I like melody, variety and some twists.”

I really enjoyed this trip, and hope you will do the same!

Dementio13 also record with Cwtch, Sal Boca and my other solo project Diebenkorn. CutMat Recordings releases all Dementio13 music, as well all the side-projects.

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