Rufus Wainwright – Out Of The Game (2012)

I find out about Rufus through the remix contest on Indaba Music, which only proves that Indaba is a good promotional vehicle. As I said before, I really don’t care about the private life and private opinion of the artists, I’m an addicted music consumer, at least I was till not so long time ago, honestly, I quit smoking and it seems the barely musical products that the industry desperately trying to sell us 24 hours at day and 7 days at week can’t really make me interested anymore. Fortunately I kept my appetite for food and sex! For now at least.
So, Mr. Rufus McGarrigle Wainwright was a completely stranger to me before disintegrated his “Bitter Tears” into my “Glitter Fears” which at the end of the voting period of the contest finished on the 22nd – catch 22? – place out of 221, which is not a bad result considering all the facts.

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I never thought of music in genres or further, in market share terms, never thinking of target public and other commercial terms. Probably I’m deeply wrong. On the other hand there is definitively a market for each and every genre, don’t matter how anti-musical, anti-commercial it is that music, it’s a market for the politically and religiously fueled music and probably there is a market for gay music as well.
I never cared about that Freddie Mercury was gay. Or George Michael. Or anybody else. And I don’t care that Rufus is gay, although, surprisingly this seems to be the main issue about him, and not his music. This world is pretty fucked up, isn’t it?
“Out Of The Game” sounds very retro and vintage, have that perfume of the 60’s American musicals, but with a more subtle texture, a very gentle approach and some dramatic accents, pop and indie infusion. It’s actually a very interesting, sometimes almost intimate game. This music is ageless and genre-less. It’s easily may touch the heart of a teenager falling in love for the very first time, as well as it might bring to the surface the tears of a disappointed house-wife. And it’s not a trick – I guess – this is how Rufus works. And as this three remixes of his “Bitter Tears” proves, Rufus manage to stir up quite different emotions in each listener.
When the music is almost completely dead and become exclusively a secondary product, almost a residue of the industry, and everything is predictable, tasteless and boring, “Out Of The Game” seems an act of rebellion, definitively an escape out of the patterns and the comfort zone.


01 – Out Of The Game
02 – Jericho
03 – Rashida
04 – Barbara
05 – Welcome To The Ball
06 – Montauk
07 – Bitter Tears
08 – Respectable Dive
09 – Perfect Man
10 – Sometimes You Need
11 – Song Of You
12 – Candles

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    • If we do not support each other, we won’t make it.

      P.S. – I did not see yet the film directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, seems to be an interesting, but pretty sad story.

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