Prong – Carved Into Stone (2012)

Prong – Carved into stone (2012) The finger and neck snappers are back. Tommy Victor, who lately toured and recorded with Danzig and Ministry, and previousely also collaborated with artists such as Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor, now teamed up with Tony Campos (bass, backing vocals – previously of Static-X) and Alexei Rodriguez (drums – previously of 3 Inches of Blood and Walls of Jericho), to deliver the eight studio album by Prong. “Power of the Damager” was also released by Al Jourgensen’s 13th Planet Records, five years ago and it peaked at #47 on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart.


Now Tony seems to return more obviously to his own roots and the Thrash spiced Hardcore of the sound of the classy albums, juggling between the things they did on “Beg to Differ” from the 1990’s to the 1996’s “Rude Awakening”. Some might say Prong has “born again”, and the old fans definitively will bang on this heavily.
And Tony is God when it comes down to those “juht juht” riffs, to some catchy melodies, to the sometimes Ozzy like-trippy vocals, and other times absolutely Hardcore taste like furious screams. This half way classic (Thrash) Metal and half way Hardcore, is where Tony Victor definitively is king and Prong always delivered the perfect balance between brutal grindings and nicely arranged melodies, between explosive grooves and catchy, memorable and sing-along, but powerful choruses.
“Craved Into Stone” have all the ingredients to be one of the best Prong records.
And UK and Europe fans are in for a special treat: starting in May, the “Beg To Differ” Tour fans will be spoiled by the band, they’ll be playing the classic album in it’s entirety as well as lots of other Prong classics.
In July they will tour with Clutch.
While “Carved Into Stone” is due for release on April 23rd 2012, on May 29th will see the release also “The Very Best Of Prong”, a collection of 14 songs from Prong’s Epic Records era.


01 – Eternal Heat
02 – Keep on living in pain
03 – Ammunition
04 – Revenge best served cold
05 – State of rebellion
06 – Put myself to sleep
07 – List of grievances
08 – Carved into stone
09 – Subtract
10 – Path of least resistance
11 – Reinvestigate
12 – Feuer Frei (Bonus Track)

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