Oovation – Mirage EP (2012)

The ovation (Latin: ovatio) was a lower form of the Roman triumph. Ovations were granted, when war was not declared between enemies on the level of states, when an enemy was considered basely inferior – slaves for instannce – or when the general conflict was resolved with little to no bloodshed or danger to the army itself.
Ovation is also the name of a famous guitar company founded by Charles Kaman.
And then there is Peter Bonaventura, better known as Oovation, a 21 years old producer and artist from Germany. He discovered music at the age of 13 years when he started playing the guitar. Later at the age of 18 he discovered with some friends the electronic music trough festivals like Time Warp, Nature One, I love Techno to name a few of them. He started to produce his own tracks at 19 and one year later he signed his first EP with Unusual Sound, and a few months later with Inlab recordings.
Nowadays, Peter lives in France and has teamed up with the Sweden based Clubstream label. He is now working on his first artist album, scheduled later in 2012. The first single; “Mirage”, gives a hint of the style of the forthcoming album: classic melodic minimal tech with an intense, yet warm sound, typical for the French minimal scene and inspired by the eclectic work of James Holden & Nathan Fake. Looking further to listen the album!

“Mirage” comes with three amazing tech house and techno remixes by The Electronuts, Tali Freaks and Hakan Ludvigson, and Hakan nailed it again!

Oovation @ Facebook
Oovation @ Beatport
The Electronuts @ Facebook
Tali Freaks @ Facebook
Hakan Ludvigson @ Facebook

Artwork design by Hakan Ludvigson for Substream
Released by: Clubstream Label Group
Release/catalogue number: clubgreen83
Release date: Apr 4, 2012

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