Venetian Snares – Affectionate (2012)

Four tracks, five bucks, more than fair enough, released on 11 January 2012, on Aaron’s birthday, now 37 years old, Happy Birthday dude, job well done!
More mature, still glitching and delivering noises, but building up intelligent layers and creating moods by melodies and harmonics, Aaron Funk – aka. Venetian Snares – now seems to focusing more on expression then instinct, relaying more on subtle structures then raging noises.
Funk debuted on a record label in 1999 with the 12″ vinyl EP, “Greg Hates Car Culture” and up until 2007, he was very prolific, releasing as many as eight recordings a year. Prefer to call his own style “Surrealism” rather then “eclecticism” – regarding the mixture of different genres, Aaron’s music evolved and the IDM, EBM elements seems to gain lately dominant position while the Drum & Bass, Noise and Breakcore elements are still present and giving life and cutting edge to his creations.

And – in my opinion – Aaron find the perfect balance between intensity and sensitivity, between introspection and smoothness and explosive expressions and hardness, between the subtle layers of sounds and the aggressive rhythms and twists. “Affectionate” is a masterpiece of its – undefined – genre and Aaron definitively it’s the king.

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