Napalm Death – Utilitarian (2012)

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Napalm Death – Utilitarian (2012) Slow and grinding, “Circumspect” gonna cut up your veins and left you to bleed out slowly. If you’re not gonna die, the follow up “Errors In The Signals” will definitively tread you to the ground and smash off your head. Still, worth to survive and listen to “Everyday Pox” and its murderous saxophone licks and obviously to everything after up to the closing “A Gag Reflex”.
The 15th studio album by the grindcore veterans formed in Birmingham, England in 1981, will be released on February 27 in Europe and February 28 2012 in North America via Century Media, and once again, Napalm Death delivered an extremely efficient killing machine in 16 pieces.


And just as their own selves thinking, anyone could imagine 30 years ago that a grindcore band from Birmingham would ever make it into the official album charts with their indisputable grindings and some of the most bloodiest noises ever put on tape? They also enter the Guinness book for the shortest song ever recorded and more recently appear in a prominent UK TV series named “Skins”.
But nothing of this would be possible without inspiration, talent, transpiration, work and at the bottom line, without some huge songs.
And “Utilitarian” is full exclusively with murderous songs.


01 – Circumspect
02 – Errors In The Signals
03 – Everyday Pox
04 – Protection Racket
05 – The Wolf I Feed
06 – Quarantined
07 – Fall On Their Swords
08 – Collision Course
09 – Orders of Magnitude
10 – Think Tank Trials
11 – Blank Look About Face
12 – Leper Colony
13 – Nom De Guerre
14 – Analysis Paralysis
15 – Opposites Repellent
16 – A Gag Reflex
17 – Aim Without An Aim *BONUS*
18 – Everything In Mono *BONUS*

Complex, still cutting and brutal, Napalm Death delivered – again – a metal milestone, one more step into the future of the metal without following the actual trends and becoming predictable and boring. Still leaders, never followers, Napalm Death after sweating and grinding through three decades are still heavier and fresher then most of the “new kids on the rock” and they still kicking asses!

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