Blue Stahli – Blue Stahli (2011)

Although I have a whole lot of new releases waiting there to be listen and eventually to get a review at the bottom line, still, there are many treasures left undiscovered from the previous year. Blue Stahli are definitively one of them and released on March 2, 2011, this self-titled album it’s the first not only instrumental album by the artist, but the second under the Blue Stahli moniker.
We’ve got 10 tracks, 43 minutes of ravishing fury and sensual emotions. Blue Stahli managed to merged anthematic rock hooks with smoothly cinematic sensitivity and epic electronic sound. Aggressive riffing, melodic hooks, bloody screams and contorted electronic layers are working in perfect harmony here to create the most efficient construction of gothic punk with industrial metal outfit. Probably most of the people will think of Nine Inch Nails and well, there are some obvious similarities, but still, this is something quite different. And highly addictive.

The romantic version of the story goes like this: in the fall of 2007 Bret packed up his car with nothing but a few items of clothing, musical gear, and a body suspension/burlesque performer. With no backup plan whatsoever, he left behind family and friends, and hit the road cross country for the opportunity to make music at a new level. The result? – a residence under the wing of Klayton at Celldweller Studios, and a deal with Klayton’s indie label FiXT.
In addition, the official bio says: the sole member of Blue Stahli, Bret, comes from a background of fetish burlesque troupes, drag queen fronted punk bands and believes that he is visited in his dreams by the ghost of William S. Burroughs. In addition to writing and performing Blue Stahli, Bret Autrey is also the other touring member of the Celldweller live show.
The truth is lost somewhere between natural talent and lot of hard work.
After releasing material under the name Voxis, Autrey was approached by FiXT label head Scott Albert, known as Klayton and best known for his project, Celldweller, in 2007 to move to Detroit and record in residence at Celldweller Studios. The following year Blue Stahli debuted with his first single, “Kill Me Every Time”, which featured Klayton as guest vocalist, mixer and producer. Stahli, like labelmate Celldweller, is represented by Position Music for film, television, and video game licensing and has appeared in a number of movie trailers, shows, and games. An album of production music titled Antisleep Vol. 01 was recorded by Autrey for this express purpose and was released under FiXT in 2008. Trailers and promos for films such as “Tron Legacy”, “Colombiana”, “Sucker Punch” and “Limitless” all the way to TV shows like “America’s Next Top Model”, “Bones” and “Criminal Minds” feature Blue Stahli to create an exciting musical backdrop, while video games like “Dead Rising 2″ and ads for Victoria’s Secret have also utilized the music of Blue Stahli.
A second instrumental-based album entitled “Antisleep Vol. 02” was also released by FiXT Music in 2011.

Latest tracks by Blue_Stahli

Bret merge aggressive guitars, fast rhythms, breakbeats, melodic vocals, and loud glitchy effects with epic, wide, electro-soundscapes and layers. The result is a blast of anthemic songs where ferocity and sensitivity are melted into one to give expression of (the human) emotions.
As they say: “These ten songs of fury and release will get stuck in your head and stay there. Do not defy them.” Feel them. Scream them.


01. ULTRAnumb (04:26)
02. Scrape (04:46)
03. Anti You (03:29)
04. Doubt (03:58)
05. Corner (04:53)
06. Takedown (02:56)
07. Kill Me Every Time (05:12)
08. Throw Away (05:58)
09. Metamorphosis (04:38)
10. Give Me Everything You’ve Got (02:49)

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Blue Stahli – Anti You (lyrics)

“Another command to succumb
To sucking you off with a smile
A vanity culture like a congregation
Identity dogmatism
The image is always in style
Stroking the ego with media masturbation
Conditioning to canonize
Gospel of this vox populi

Force feeding
I’m burning the alter
And I’ll pass right through

I want to be the Anti You

A singular definition
Of what it’s supposed to be like
An arrogant principle of validation
You’re pushing the masochism
We’re never to question the hive

I’ll be the nemesis of expectation
Refusing to regurgitate
Accuse and excommunicate
This narcissism is a system to intimidate
Perpetuating overcompensating your self hate

I’ve got nothing to prove”

Don’t forget: “Art is a weapon. Use it.”

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