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I was damn sure I did write about “Antagonist”, the band’s debut album back in March when it was released, but hell no, I could not dig out that review, but with all the troubles and errors I had faced this year with this site and my hosting, I’m not surprised of anything anymore. Anyway, “Antagonist” and their brand new EP entitled “Blue Screen Planet” are available at their official site for free download, respectively “name your price” as digital release, while you can still buy the “Antagonist” special CD+T-Shirt pack for only 15€.
Although “name your price” means even zero, I still believe artist deserves and needs all of our support, mostly artists from the underground who bring to the surface alternatives for the usual mainstream bulls*its.
Neurotech from Ljubljana, Slovenia, formed back in 2007 by Wulf delivering a pounding mixture of metal riffing and electronic layers merging powerful metal with spacy, cinematic trance/ambiental electro music. It’s a quite electrifying and refreshing experiment, harmonies, strong choruses and deep textures, grinding guitars are make perfect match here melting into one. Gothic romanticism and heavy brutality collide in their music resulting something beautiful and gloomy, mysterious and heavy. And just as I said, they efforts needs to be rewarded.

The idea for the band goes a long way back, but it became serious when the “Transhuman” EP was completed in 2007 and released in January 2008.

Few shows were made to support the release, but the main goal was to create and release a full length album.
In 2008 a websingle – “The Angst Zeit” was released to show people a bit upgraded Neurotech sound and direction.
Finally, the debut album was released in March 2011.

In addition, “Blue Screen Planet” a two track EP was released on 11 December 2011.

The future sounds dark, but also bright. For Neurotech at least.

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