Archnemesis – Peoples Radio (2011)

Their debut full length album “Peoples Radio” is available now for free download at their official website, just like their debut EP, “Diamonds And Glass”. Cookies for Christmas! Anyway, this is a quite fan (and user) friendly approach.
Formed by Justin Aubuchon and Curt Heiny, Archnemesis prefers to defined themselves by the self-coined term “Intelligent Electro-Crunk”. Merging funky licks with acid layers, digging back to the earliest jazz and blues samples and mash them up with modern hip hop and soul samples, contorted dubsteb wobbles and to all this boiling cocktail adding their own sound and creating something brand new and fresh, Archnemesis definitively know to set a club on fire with their glowing grooves. Dancing becomes a nasty business, isn’t it? So, let’s get dirty! 🙂

I’m not a dancing type person and far not a clubber dude, still, this mixture of retro feelings and modern sounds seems to work extremely efficiently. 8 tracks on their debut album, 5 more on the EP, free download, don’t hesitate, worth to try!

Archnemesis – Official Site
Archnemesis @ MySpace
Archnemesis @ Facebook
Archnemesis @ Twitter

I did my remix version of “Down the Line”, it was definitively fun.

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