32crash – Y2112Y (2011)

“Earth, year 2107. …. The average temperature at the surface of the planet raised by 8°C during the ten last decades. Because of its unsustainable heat, he equatorial belt today is improper for inhabitation…”
Picking up where their debut, 2007’s “Weird news from an uncertain future” left off, “Y2112Y” is another twisted journey into the future as Jean-Luc De Meyer see it. “I could have died at three of a unknown malignant virus / I could have died at five of a missile fired by mistake / I almost died at ten during the floodings on Pluto/ At twenty I survived the bombings of the cosmic war / I should have died at thirty when a meteor struck the earth / I nearly died at forty when my spaceship crashed on Mars / But I’m alive today to start my second century”.
And if 32crash doesn’t ring the bell, the name of Jean-Luc De Meyer (the voice of the legendary Belgian EBM band Front 242, but also of several other projects) should. At least if you’re interested in the electro-industrial are of music.

FRONT 242’s lead-vocalist Jean-Luc De Meyer and his gang of the two musicians of Implant, Len Lemeire – machines & vocals, and Jan D’Hooghe – drums & machines, delivering the most efficient pop’n cyber-punk industrial clash you can possibly imagine and they are determined to take us in the year 2112.
Dark and intense, filled with futuristic electronics and post-industrial schemes, gloomy vibes and screaming samplers are merged and coming crushing into one and open the path to a new genre and sound. Technology and talent are the “secret” key to the future and 32crash definitively have it and know to use it.
Might sounds as a SF story, but this is quite real and frighteningly present.

Tracklist (2CD Limited Edition):

01. 100Y 03:13
02. Aliens On Earth 03:28
03. Dawning Sun 03:09
04. What Happened Here 04:30
05. The Man Who Came From Later 02:53
06. Into The Hole 04:10
07. Impressionist Piece For A Free Planet 02:56
08. Hyperreal 03:27
09. Kryptonically Yours 04:03
10. Elegy For Himself 03:22
11. Human Decomposition 02:37
12. Not Quite Human 03:19
13. Perpetuum Mobile 03:40
14. Xn1=axxnx(1-Xn) 03:19
15. Lasercutter 01:04
16. The Attack On ZA4 04:04
17. Neighbours 03:26
18. Melang Ohlm’s Hit And Run 04:24
19. A Tiny Foil Of Oil 04:15
20. The Ol-Lesar Mass 06:24

01. Impressionist Piece For A Free Planet (The Rubber Incident) 02:30
02. The Ol-Lesar Mass (War Song) 03:21
03. 100Y (Ganrif) 03:11
04. Elegy For Himself (Please Dance On My Grave) 04:22
05. Dawning Sun (The Sound Of 32C) 03:23
06. The Man Who Came From Later (Autostrade) 03:00
07. Human Decomposition (Solved In Acid) 02:51
08. Into The Hole (At The End Of The Light) 03:35
09. What Happened Here (3rd Evangelic) 03:38
10. Aliens On Earth (The Core Isnt Liquid Anymore) 02:59
11. A New Order 01:47
12. Melangohlm’s Hit And Run (Classic Killer Theme) 03:44
13. Not Quite Human (Altered DNA) 05:05
14. Perpetuum Mobile (Will It Blend) 03:22
15. Kryptonically Yours (Particles In Orbit) 04:09
16. Xn1=axxnx(1-Xn) (Tapis Vollante) 02:08
17. Hyperreal (Really Hyper) 03:26
18. Neighbours (The Bitch Next Door Has A Gun) 03:21

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