Media Blitz – A Voice Of Our Own (2011)

It’s been eight years since Wattie Buchan and his buddies released their eighth studio album, “Fuck the System” and I actually miss a little bit of anarchy and I miss The Exploited quite a lot. I love their raging Punk since the mid 80s.
And this phrase: “Riot starting, bouncer bashing, cop baiting, hotel trashing, foul talking, noise making, chaos causing, venue wrecking, government hating, rule breaking, piss taking, unrelenting, punk rocking. Clearly we’re not talking about Pepsi adverts here!” (excerpt from The Exploited History page) somehow quite fits right here as I’m listing Media Blitz, a quartet from Orange County, California, formed by Jason Schwartz – vocals, Eddie Oropeza – guitar, Jeff Salisbury – drums and Ryan Blank – bass.

Mentioning among their roots bands such as Gorilla Biscuits, Shark Attack, Descendents, Bad Brains and Cro-Mags, Media Blitz delivering that furious, fast, raging Hardcore Punk which rise your pulse and blood pressure, make you jump off your shoes and scream along. At least.
Killer breakdowns, cutting edge riffs and extremely inspired solos, raw, spitting vocals and explosive energy, Media Blitz is the best Punk product I listen lately. No more soap-box politics, no pink chewing gum bubbles and no fucking Pop-Punk!
Punks still rocking, thanks guys!

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