Eight tracks, forty minutes of weighty, musculous rock, balancing between stoner / Southern rock and post-hardcore / post-grunge elements.
Formed in 2008 and playing gigs around in Italy and France, in April 2011 they release their first full length album, “Hearth”, produced by Escape From Today Records and Riff Records (Italy), and A Tant Rever Du Roi and Swarm Records (France). The album was recorded at Blue Record Studio in Mondovi (CN), by Massimiliano Moccia, sound engineer of Uzeda, Three Second Kiss, Fuh and Dead Elephant among others; the master session has been done by Bob Weston (Shellac) at his Chicago Mastering Studios.

“Hearth” it’s an almost classic album, recorded and mixed exclusively in analog way, it sounds quite heavy and groovy. Treehorn juggling between Soundgarden and Kyuss, Queen of the Stone Age and Clutch, and their songs are full of gloomy power, heavy glows, massive riffs and dark, mystic atmosphere. Most important: they wrote some great songs (Senescence, Stockholm, Taurus Not Bull, Freeway To The Sun, etc) and “Hearth” is kind of the album that nail you down.
On the other hand, Treehorn (from Italy) wasn’t so inspired and careful choosing their name: a few other bands around the world using/sharing the same name and once again, it’s fuckin’ stupid. When you putting a band together any little details matters and the name is not “just a detail”… If you dig hard enough you can locate them on the internet, and actually it really worth…

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