Psychobuildings – Self-titled EP (2011)

From Brooklyn, New York, Psychobuildings brings alive some twisted, but danceable beats to build up some psychedelic construction with roots back to the 80’s new wave experiments, but stepping right into the sound of the future.
After releasing two killer singles last year NYC’s Psychobuildings unveil their first 12″ record in EP format, the band is currently in the studio working on their first full length with producer Peter Wade (MNDR, Jennifer Lopez).
This 20 minutes (6 tracks) of Psychobuildings are the best opportunity to discover what they are up to.

The group originated with front-man Peter LaBier in 2010, a visual artist with the aim to create not just a band, but an artful experience for all the senses. LaBier joined forces with Peter Schuette (Silk Flowers) and Juan Pieczanski (Small Black) to blend dizzying layers of synth and percussion, creating the band’s upbeat-yet-dark electronic dance sound. LaBier and Wade met at a New York art gallery show in March 2010.
Live performances artfully fuse visual, aural, and tactile elements with uniquely designed outfits and stage props. The group collaborates with artist Ryan Johnson to further enhance the visual spectacle. Johnson’s theatrical sets colorfully frame LaBier’s wildly fluid dance moves, reminiscent of James Brown, Michael Jackson and David Byrne. His signature blend of choreography and jerky motions sync with Schuette and Pieczanski’s stop motion rhythms in a death grip from the first beat. The trio performs with Emily Panic on bass, rounding out the stage show.

Experimental dark dance grooves, fragments of the twisted universe marked by Robert Smith and David Byrne, gloomy reflections of the 80’s projected into the future, Psychobuildings managed to create a retro vibe being quite alive and future-spective. Fans of Japan might be also delighted.

Track list:

1. Portrait
2. Paradise
3. Terminal Phase
4. Birds of Prey
5. No Man’s Land
6. Terror Management

Psychobuildings @ All Hands Electric
Psychobuildings @ MySpace

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