Nervecell – Psychogenocide (2011)

For those who cries back the most brutal era of Sepultura (Morbid Visions, Beneath the Remains, Arise), Nervecell from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, brings back all that merciless butchery with crushing, clean and powerful sound, “Psychogenocide”, their second full-length album released through Lifeforce Records in Europe and Spellbind Records in the Middle East, might be the new favorite. And Nervecell managed to merge with style all that classic thrash and death schemes with technical, brutal and still colorful, modern metal sounds also introducing Pantera like riffings, short acoustic or exotic, Oriental spiced moments, Slayer like schizophrenic solos, in few words, they put together a killer metal machine which definitively will rip off your head instantly.
Also, conservative fans dissapointed by the latest Morbid Angel album, “Illud Divinum Insanus”, might discover in Nervecell a new favorite, these guys combining extremely inspired and intensely tradition and modern sound into pure, uncompromising massacre.

James Khazaal – vocals & bass, Barney Ribeiro – guitar and Rami H. Mustafa – guitar, in early 2000 bring to life Nervecell, decided to release their unique mixture of fast paced thrash and brutal death metal under the influence of some extreme metal acts like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Suffocation and Bolt Thrower, but also inspired by some heavy weight classics such as Testament, Slayer, Sepultura and Pentare.
In 2003 Nervecell decided to record their first demo, entitled “Vastlands of Abomination”, which upon its release garnered the band some well deserved attention. It was fallowed next year by their debut EP entitled “Human Chaos”. The release immediately grabbed attention from the underground metal scenes around the globe and gained them an international fan base. The success of “Human Chaos” allowed Nervecell the opportunity to perform in front of 6000 people at the annual Dubai Desert Rock Festival in 2005, opening for the legendary Sepultura and Machine Head.
Nervecell were seen headlining metal concerts in Dubai and even headlining the Egypt Metal Festival 2007 in Cairo. At this point Nervecell embarked on a headlining Australian tour in 2007, culminating with a headlining slot at Metalstock Festival 2007, Australia’s only 3 day metal festival, and the Australian Road Rage Tour.
The band performed at Metalcamp Festival 2007 in Tolmin, Slovenia, alongside Kreator, Amon Amarth, Immortal, and many others.
After performing before 28,000 people at 2008’s edition of Dubai Desert Rock Festival, alongside As I Lay Dying, Machine Head, and Killswitch Engage; Nervecell decided to take time off from the live circuit to focus on recording their first full length. Produced by Kiran Sequeira & Nervecell, “Preaching Venom” with contribution by session drummer Dave Haley, was released in 2009. The album was mixed by the acclaimed producers Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawscy (Vader, Decapitated, Hate) at Hertz Studio in Poland and mastered by the infamous Alan Douches at West West Side Music (Sepultura, Suffocation, Unearth) in New Windsor, New York. The album received immense feedback from all four corners of the world including top reviews from well established magazines such as Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Legacy, and Metal Edge among others.
The band hit the road again, “Beyond The Venom” tour included an appearance at the Dubai Desert Rock Festival 2009 with Motorhead, Arch Enemy, Opeth, etc, and performances at Wacken Open Air (20th Year Anniversary) where they played in front of 70,000, With Full Force, Metal GDL, Mass Deathtruction, Way of Darkness Festival, Rock Am Ring, Rock Im Park and many more. The band toured Europe repeatedly for two years, but they also went on to tour in countries such as India and Sri Lanka, where Nervecell were seen supporting As I Lay Dying.

“Psychogenocide” was produced & engineered by Rami H. Mustafa at Spellbind Studio, Dubai; drums played and engineered by Joe Haley at Red Planet Studios, Australia; mixed & mastered by Wojtek & Slawek Wieslawscy at Hertz Studios, Poland with the artwork & design by Björn Goosses at Killustrations and released by Lifeforce Records/Spellbind Records in April/May in Europe, respectively in March in the Middle east.


01. Anemic Assurgency
02. Upon An Epidemic Scehem
03. All Eyes On Them
04. Amok Doctrine
05. Psychogenocide
06. Imprint
07. شنق – Shunq (To The Despaired…King OfDarkness)
w/ Karl Sanders (guest vocals)
08. The Taste Of Bertayal
09. Driven By Nescience
10. Nation’s Plague

Very complex, still striking, “Psychogenocide” consist of 10 perfect metal tracks, there is no fissure in any of it, this is a consistent and inspired, powerful metal product which might enthroned Nervecell as new metal gods of the world’s metal scene.
It’s just something you must listen and heave.
It’s the best metal acts I had the pleasure to listen lately.

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