Jungle Rot – Kill On Command (2011)

Hailed by many as the metal release of the year, “Kill On Command” is classy, traditional and absolutely old-school as it is. Fans disappointed by the quite modern approach of Morbid Angel on “Illud Divinum Insanus”, will be pleased by the thrash/death grindings of Jungle Rot.
The Midwest based quartet have garnered a large and loyal following within the last 10 years due in large part to having a style more similar to acts such as Slayer and Sodom, rather than the typical Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation rip-offs.

Jungle Rot was founded in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in 1994. After their first two demos, the band was signed to the American independent label Pure Death Records, where they released their first album, “Skin the Living” in 1996. “Kill On Command” is the band’s eight studio album and it was released by Victory Records.
James Genenz – bass and backing vocals, Geoff Bub – guitar and backing vocals, Jesse Beahler – drums and Dave Matrise – vocals and guitar give to their fans 10 fresh and butchering thrash/death grindings with roots back to the 90s classics, but still breathing fresh blood.

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