Eight of Spades – Driven by Hate

If somebody have no clue what Eight of Spades might be, please, just leave and forget about rock’n’roll.
I was ten years old when my mom bought “Ace Of Spades” – along Judas Priest’s “British Steel” – and Lemmy soon became my favorite and if a few years later it just happened to end up at the microphone in a rock band, well, it was mainly Lemmy’s fault. At the end of the 90s I managed to drink a beer with Mr. Kilmister after a Motörhead concert, but this is one of the cases when journalists have sometimes some privileges…
Eight Of Spades was formed in March 2004 by the meeting of 4 musicians playing for over ten years in various Parisian bands and from the beginning, the essence of 8oS was “speed-rock” music at the crossroads of punk, hardcore, metal and at least but not last rock’n’roll.

The song “We’re Eight of Spades” appears on the compilation “Break your face” published on the label Face First Records (USA). Straight afterwards, they began a tour and shared the bill with bands like The Unseen, The Bones, Deadline, Peter Pan Speedrock, Banane Metalik, Sickness…
After a year working with various sound and “artwork” collaborations, their 1st self-produced album “Look in my eyes” was born in September 2006. It received a strong following in the music press with good reviews particularly in Hard’n’Heavy and Versus. The release of the album is followed by a tour across France.
In January 2007, the group changes its rhythm section. After reworked songs, 8oS goes on the roads with more power and precision. Through twenty concerts, the new formation received excellent comebacks from the audience. Their uncompromising rock’n’roll takes its full meaning, the missing link between Peter Pan Speedrock and Motörhead. In 2008, the group went back in studio in order to prepare a suite to “Look in my eyes”, which is reflected by the recording sessions of “Driven by Hate” in July 2009 and results in 11 songs.
JPouille: Voice & Guitar, Cedrico: Drums, Jeff: Guitar Solo and Peter: Bass Guitar & 2e Voice delivered a powerful, dynamic, speed-up rock’n’roll material with roots both in punk and metal, beneath the obvious Motörhead parallels, this is a strong and catchy release and I’m goddamn sure, live they are rocking off the scene.

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